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5 tips to how you can improve your wellbeing in the workplace

As we spend roughly half of our waking life at work it is essential that we feel comfortable and relaxed in the workplace. Many different things can have a positive impact on our mindset and a happy office is a loyal and productive office.

Dress-down days

Wearing slightly different clothes one day per week can lift the spirits, even of a downbeat Birmingham fan reflecting on Aston Villa’s recent promotion to the Premier League. Employees can feel more included by taking the opportunity to express their individuality and feel like more important part of the culture of the business.

Bespoke wall art

Adorning the walls with framed prints, canvases, digital wallpaper and graphics that can be identified with by colleagues helps to make the work environment a warmer and friendlier place to be. Whether it’s images of local scenery, icons, motivational quotes or a bespoke mural, bespoke wall art can help to improve morale in any office.

Background music

Ambient music is a good way of improving the atmosphere in the workplace; and allowing staff to choose the tunes helps to make them feel involved. The right kind of music can mask the white noise an create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Flexible hours

In these hectic modern times fitting in work, family, social life and the odd bit of sleep can be a challenge. Flexible working hours give staff freedom to fit work in around their other commitments and can improve productivity hugely as they can work feeling less stressed and rushed. Staff appreciate the freedom to be selective of their hours, and such a policy helps to increase loyalty.

Staff socials

Spending time with colleagues outside of the office can help to cement relationships and boost team morale. Regular outings enable colleagues to get to know each other socially and can help to build trust.

There are many things that can be done to improve the aesthetics in a workplace and to make it better reflect the culture of an organisation. A combination of some of the above can make a big difference and help any organisation to attract the right kind of people to join the team.